SWEDISH - Relaxation / Restorative Massage
Gentle, but firm pressure and long strokes which improves body flexibility, increases blood circulation and eases muscle tension, leaving the client feeling relaxed and refreshed.
30 min/ $60,  60 min/ $80,  90 min/ $115,  120 min/ $140
4-Handed Swedish Massage - 60 min/ $150,  90 min/ $210

SWEDISH - Deep Tissue / Myofascial Release / Sports Massage
Focuses on specific muscle systems using slow strokes and deep
pressure to release chronic patterns of muscular pain in restricted
areas of the body.  Any specific sports related injury discussed.
30 min/ $60,  60 min/ $80,  90 min/ $115,  120 min/ $140

AROMA THERAPY w/ Specialized Essential Oils
AromaTherapy is a unique massage technique incorporating the use of specialized essential oils with a gentle touch. A host of essential oils are applied in a specific sequence along the energy meridians and pressure points on the back and feet. This modality can reduce chronic stress, strengthen the immune system, support inflammatory responses, can create balance throughout the autonomic nervous system and may promote lymphatic movement. AromaTherapy can also be complimented by Swedish Massage or Reiki Therapy
for an overall rejuvenating and healing experience you'll never forget.
60min Session - AromaTherapy only - $90
60min Session - 30min AromaTherapy & 30min Swedish/Reiki - $110
90min Session - 30min AromaTherapy & 60min Swedish/Reiki - $130
90min Session - 60min AromaTherapy & 30min Swedish/Reiki - $140

A very deep relaxation technique which relieves stress and promotes
 healing, administered by "laying on hands" thru the life force energy
 that balances the body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects.
30 min/ $50,  Series of 5 - $225  ($25 Savings)
60 min/ $90,  Series of 5 - $400  ($50 Savings)

This is a specialized form of manual therapy which applies static pressure on myofacial points of the body (myo = muscle, facia = connective tissues throughout the body) to relieve pain.  Our therapists will work with the Central Nervous System to alleviate trigger points in order to reduce pain, while increasing blood circulation and decreasing nerve pressure against the soft tissues of the body. 
60 min/ $90,   Series of 3 - $250  ($20 Savings)
90 min/ $125,  Series of 3 - $330  ($45 Savings)

Specifically focused on releasing tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and range of motion.  It is tailored to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.
Prenatal = 2nd & 3rd Trimesters  ///  Post Natal = First 3 Months After Birth
60 min/ $90,  90 min/ $125

Based on ancient Indian medicine, this full body hot oil massage loosens stiff muscles and joints, detoxifies the body and nourishes the skin.  A brief dosha analysis is conducted to customize the massage and oils based on your imbalances.
60 min/ $95,  90 min/ $125  
AYURVEDIC THERAPY - ShiroDhara  (Available In-Home Only)

The use of heated smooth polished lava stones placed under and on top of the body combined with pressure and massage brings a sense of deep relaxation while relieving stress and easing muscle tension.
75 min/ $115,  90 min/ $130

The FasciaBlaster® Tools are designed by Ashley Black and are used to break
 through the connective tissue that can cause unsightly cellulite as well as restrict 
blood flow and nerve supply. With an initial consultation, this specialized massage
 treatment can be customized to treat most areas of the body and is tailored to the 
specific needs each individual client. You will bring your own tool/s for the therapist
 to use with each visit.
45 min/ $95,   60 min/ $115,   90 min/ $130

A relaxing and rejuvenating form of Hawaiian Massage using broad, smooth, rhythmic strokes and light stretching techniques.  Also, a more than typical use of high quality massage oil is used to reduce friction for an overall rejuvenating and relaxing experience.
​60 min/ $90, 90 min/ $125

* * * New Service * * *  CUPPING MASSAGE THERAPY
Cupping Massage uses Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques combined with the use of silicone and/or plastic cups to create suction on the surface of the body. The cups are moved over the skin using gliding, shaking, popping and rotating techniques and placed for a short time to facilitate joint mobilization or soft tissue release. Negative Pressure through suction pulls toxins from the body to the surface of the skin where the Lymphatic System can more readily eliminate stagnation.
75 min/ $115, 90 min/ $130

Series of 3 (75 min)     $330  ($15 savings)
Series of 5 (75 min)     $540  ($35 savings)
Series of 3 (90 min)     $365  ($25 savings)
Series of 5 (90 min)     $605  ($45 savings)

Receive a massage alongside your partner in the same studio room. We’ll heat up the table, light up the candles, provide hot towels and play the music of your choice. We do it YOUR way around here!  Rates below are for Swedish/Deep Tissue Modalities only.
60 min/ $160 per couple
90 min/ $230 per couple
120 min/ $280 per couple

Pkg of 5 (60min)      
Pkg of 5 (90min)      
Pkg of 10 (60min)    
Pkg of 10 (90min)    

*  Package Rates apply to MOST massage modalities.  
*  Package Sessions may also be interchangeable with our Signature Facial Service.
In Studio:  Massage Therapy
On-Location, Special Events & Corporate Functions
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"I have had several massages from Ed and he definitely has magic hands!  He's able to find every knot and tight muscle on your body  and works them out with great care.  Ed has great intuition about what you need and he listens to better understand your concerns.  He is also great at making you feel comfortable and safe.  I would recommend him to anyone - men and women alike."
  -  Kathy H, 
Massage Client, 
Santa Clara, CA