Swedish - Relaxation /Restorative Massage
Gentle, but firm pressure and long strokes which improves body flexibility, increases blood circulation and eases muscle tension, leaving the client feeling relaxed and refreshed.
60 min/ $100,  90 min/ $140,  120 min/ $180

Swedish - Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
Focuses on specific muscle systems using slow strokes and deep pressure to release chronic patterns of muscular pain in restricted areas of the body.
60 min/ $100,  90 min/ $140,  120 min/ $180

Ayurvedic Therapy - Abyhanga
Based on ancient Indian medicine, this full body hot oil massage loosens stiff muscles and joints, detoxifies the body and nourishes the skin. A brief dosha analysis is conducted to customize the massage and oils based on your imbalances.
60 min/ $115, 90 min/ $155  

Ayurvedic Therapy - ShiroDhara
A grounding treatment consisting of a decolette, neck, head, hand & foot massage. It includes a stream of warm oil that is poured onto the third-eye chakra. The chakra governs knowledge, intuition, mental clarity and perception. This treatment helps open up blockages in the third-eye chakra and can help with ailments such as insomnia, sinusitus, ear, nose and throat disorders. It is also a conditioning hair and scalp treatment.
60 min/ $115, 90 min/ $155

Reiki Therapy
A very deep relaxation techinque which relieves stress and promotes healing, administered by "laying on hands" thru the life force energy that balances the body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects.
60 min/ $100,  Series of 5 - $450

Pre/Post Natal Massage
Specifically focused on releasing tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and range of motion.  It is tailored to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.
60 min/ $110,  90 min/ $150

Package Rates*:
Pkg. of 5 (60min)      $470   ($30 savings)
Pkg. of 5 (90min)      $655   ($45 savings)
Pkg. of 10 (60min)    $925   ($75 savings)
Pkg. of 10 (90min)    $1300 ($100 savings)

*  Package Rates apply to Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Relaxation Massage.  Ask us about customized package rates for other massage modalities.
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On-Location, Special Events & Corporate Functions
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Canine Massage

Canine Massage for your Dog (and other pets) incorporating several massage modalities such as Shiatsu and lymphatic drainage to cater to the dog’s specific needs & health conditions.

K9 Therapeutics 
& TrioSpa
Now Offering...

"Couples Massage"
Dog & Owner

60 Mins  -  $150
90 Mins  -  $200

Rate includes BOTH 
Dog and Owner...  
For additional Dogs or Owners, just let us know!